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Our Story

In 2012, Sal Torres set out to correct the Injustice that continued to Impact Homeowners and devastated many individuals, families and real estate professionals. The American Dream had become a Nightmare. “I prepared, passed my Real Estate Broker Exam, took action on my Vision and stepped out on Faith, with only $1,000 in start-up funding, CREA was born. I had gone completely broke chasing the American Dream myself and knew that God put me through Trials for a period of 5 Years in preparation for the CREA Crusade.” Sal Torres

On January 1, 2013, with only 3 part time hires on board, CREA launched into business as a Residential Real Estate Brokerage. “We experienced a tough first year in business as no one knew who CREA was and I personally had been out of the Real Estate game for a period of 3 years.” Sal Torres.

Towards the ending of 2013, Sal Torres met Paul Piedrahita. They both shared common goals, integrity, crusade, and a passion for Real Estate. This was a defining moment for both and on January 15, 2014, after experiencing a near death accident and getting deeply connected with his inner self, Paul committed to CREA and took on the role as The Influence Coach and International Expansion Executive. Sal Torres shared, “I knew Paul was passionate and ready because he joined CREA at the Top of his game. Many leave other Real Estate Brokerages when their businesses are on a downward spiral and falling apart. Paul was different and unique.

Paul’s vision and goals expand beyond the Local Market and he is passionate about helping Clients and other Real Estate Professionals in becoming Top Producers in their Lives. He is a business partner and positioned to lead iCREA, Loccally, Nationally and International.

“In 2014, we grew rapidly to over 60 Agents as we connected with other Brokers ready to grasp the Vision of CREA. However, the Universe was not ready to release this growth and we made the mutual decision to focus on our foundation and empower within our Corporate cHUB. This decision dropped our Agent-Partner count to 7. This shift allowed us to solidify the Vision and iCREA Foundation. Today, 2015 we are experiencing Breakthroughs as a Company and our Agent-Partner’s are Winning in Life. We are passionate about our Clients. Their Goals and Dreams matter to us and We will fight to make them a Reality. Our Growth is Organic, Healthy and Built on a Solid Foundation.